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DELPHI - X Observer

State-of-the-art microscopes for advanced Life Science applications. 

The ergonomic design and outstanding state-of-the-art objectives make the Delphi-X Observer the ideal microscope for advanced Life Science applications such as cytology and anatomopathology. The 25 mm field of view of the eyepieces and the plan apochromatic objectives enable observations with perfect color rendering at high resolving power

With 25 mm field of view, unsurpassed 60 mm EIS objectives, sextuple revolver and a large rackless stage with scratch-resistant Gorilla glass the Delphi-X Observer offers the absolute best available Life Science microscope on the market. Long working sessions will not be a problem due to the ergonomic design, low stage controls for either left or right handed users and an optional ergonomic tilting head to match each user requirement.

DELPHI - X   Observer

DELPHI - X   Observer

DELPHI - X   Observer

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